Chocolate Tasting Experiences near Surrey

Chocolate Tasting in Surrey

With hundreds of different experiences available, including Chocolate Tasting experiences, we’ve teamed up with VirginExperienceDays to find you the nearest Chocolate Tasting experiences to Surrey.

Chocolate Tasting Experiences Available: 9

There are 9 different Chocolate Tasting experiences available from VirginExperienceDays, many of which operate right across the UK in many different locations, to view the full list of activities and their locations just hit the “view all Chocolate Tasting Experiences” button.

view all Chocolate Tasting Experiences

Just some of the top Chocolate Tasting Experiences we found, include:

  • Chocolate Tasting Adventure with a Glass of Prosecco for Two at Hotel Chocolat – £100
  • Chocolate Tastings with a Hot Chocolate for Two at Melt Notting Hill, London – £44
  • Craft Chocolate Tasting Masterclass for Two at Out of Office Coffee House – £35
  • The London Guided Chocolate Tasting Adventure for Two – £80
  • London Chocolate Street Challenge for Two – £49

But with 9 different experiences available, covering various locations across the UK, you’re sure to find the perfect Chocolate Tasting experiences near Surrey.

Things to consider when buying Chocolate Tasting Experiences

There are of course tons of factors that you’ll want to consider when buying any experience, which are generic for all experiences. There are also some more specialist things that you should think about when specifically booking Chocolate Tasting experiences. Below we go into some details that you’ll want to consider before you buy. Whether it’s for you or a gift for a loved one, these tips should help you to make sure you get the perfect experience.


Location is going to be very important, and one that you’ll need to spend a bit of time researching if you’re wanting Chocolate Tasting experiences near Surrey. When you click on the “View Experiences” button on this page you’ll be directed through to our partner site Virgin Experience Days, where you’ll be able to browse through the many different Chocolate Tasting options that they have available. You’ll notice on the page next to each experience there’s a little Map Pin icon, this tells you where the experience is situated. There’s also a “location” filter on the left menu bar which will allow you to enter Surrey and it will point you to the nearest Chocolate Tasting experience.

Take the time to find a location that suits you or the recipient if it’s a gift that you’re buying.


This goes for pretty much any product or service that we’re likely to buy, but price is always a really important factor to consider when buying experiences. You will see from the list above that the typical prices you pay for Chocolate Tasting experiences are £100, £44, £35, £80, £49, depending on the specific experience that you choose.

If you’re on a budget you can actually filter the activities to only show those within a price range using the menu on the left. e.g. you could set a max price that matches your budget.


It goes without saying but it’s really important to get the right activity, we want your experience to be as fun and memorable as possible, it’s not everyday that we get to enjoy a Chocolate Tasting experience, so take the time to find the perfect one for you (or the recipient if it’s a gift). There are 9 to choose from so you’ll be able to find the right one that’s as close to Surrey as possible whilst still giving you everything you’d want from the experience.

Some of the activity options include:

  • London Chocolate Street Challenge for Two
  • The London Guided Chocolate Tasting Adventure for Two
  • Craft Chocolate Tasting Masterclass for Two at Out of Office Coffee House
  • Chocolate Tastings with a Hot Chocolate for Two at Melt Notting Hill, London
  • Chocolate Tasting Adventure with a Glass of Prosecco for Two at Hotel Chocolat


We found that the Chocolate Tasting experiences on Virgin Experience Days get a review score on average of out of 5. The first experience that popped up had received 1 reviews in total. Take your time to read through the various reviews, especially if you find a Chocolate Tasting near Surrey, you’ll want to hear from customers that have used it and get their thoughts, good or bad. You’d much rather get their thoughts now to know that you’re booking onto the right experience.

How does booking a Chocolate Tasting experience work?

Chocolate Tasting in Surrey

  1. Choose – the first step is to choose your experience, as we said there are actually 9 experiences to choose from in the Chocolate Tasting category. So you may choose the one closest to Surrey or you might decide to actually travel a bit further to get an experience that better suits you. But once you’ve chosen your activity or experience, the next step is to:
  2. Activate your booking voucher – you’ll be sent a code from Virgin Experience Days where you can click online to activate your booking. If you’re buying this as a gift, it’s this activation code that you’ll give your loved one to go online to make their booking.
  3. Book – Once the booking has been activated you can choose your preferred date and time for your Chocolate Tasting and secure your booking, at which point you’ll receive your full booking confirmation and you’re all set to go on your experience.
  4. Go – The most fun part! Go on your Chocolate Tasting experience. Have an incredible and memorable time. Don’t forget to read all of the important details about your experience before you go, especially if there are stipulations around timings, clothing and other important information like travel and parking arrangements. Once you’ve had your amazing experience, don’t forget to return here to leave a review and comment to let us, and customers just like you, know how you got on. We’d love to hear from you, the best parts and any help or advice that you’d give to someone looking for a Chocolate Tasting experience near to Surrey

We won’t hold you up any longer, it’s time to go and book your experience now! Enjoy!

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